Sandra Kay Lauffenburger

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Sandra Kay Lauffenburger

Contact Details        0407248323

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Description of Practice

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist,

Clinical Supervision

Somatic Psychotherapist,

Movement Psychotherapist

Number of Years of Professional Practice (Psychotherapy)

Over 15 Years

Professional Philosophy/Information

I believe that we seek to express ourselves in all aspects of
our being, including difficult and/or traumatizing situations.
We creatively adapt to life’s challenges and traumas.
However, these adaptations can affect our thoughts, beliefs,
feelings and actions, and can sometimes manifest as
psychological and physical symptoms. I believe these
symptoms are NOT weaknesses or faults, but creative tactics
for effective survival.
I approach my psychotherapeutic work by respecting the
Self’s longing for more than solely survival, but to experience
well-being. I believe emotions and feelings form the core of
who we are and the motivations we employ, and hold equal
status with thoughts and actions.
I believe that an alliance of body and mind in the
psychotherapeutic process is essential. In this regard I use an
empathically attuned approach supplemented as needed by
mindfulness and body awareness (somatic) techniques.


B. Ed. University of Illinois
M.Sc. University of Cincinnati
B.Soc.Sci.(Hons)(Psych)  Charles Sturt University
Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy – Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy             (Self Psychology)
Diploma of Dance Therapy – International Dance Therapy
Association of Australia
Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis – Laban/Bartenieff
Institute of Movement Studies
Clinical Member of PACFA, ASPA, DTAA, LIMS

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