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Cecilia Lau

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Cecilia Tsz Kai Lau

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Dance Movement Therapy, Expressive Movement Therapy, Movement Psychotherapy For groups and individuals, children and adults.

Number of Years of Professional Practice (Psychotherapy)

3 years

Additional Information/Professional Philosophy

I believe at the depth of every person from all abilities, background, religion and experience we all seek to live fully in connection with our “self” and others.   Yet not all of us are given the opportunity, knowledge and skills to realize how to live creatively when undesirable experience hits our way. Preventing us to flourish in the uniqueness of our character, connecting with others, as well as to celebrate this human experience with it’s goodness and brokenness. I believe at the moments when we feel stuck in  a thought, an emotion, a situation, or relationship, we are given the opportunity to explore into our creativity to live creatively.

 In my practice I combine the use of expressive movements, drawings, verbal therapy, developmental movement theories, emotion focused techniques and self psychology to offer an embodied experience of the person’s inner world as it gets to surface.  Drawing upon theories from the latest neuroscience findings in consciousness, emotions and body movement, I seek to support the discovery of inner strengths and insights during the therapeutic process. I have been working with people from abusive and dysfunctional families, people with different levels of intellectual & physical abilities, chronic depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, severe trauma and other mental health symptoms.  I can offer my service in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

In a confidential manner, I seek to support empathically and non-judgmentally for the full integration of body, mind and spirit in order the person may begin to enjoy this “Dance of Life”.


Graduate Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy

Graduate Diploma in Theatre Production & Events Management

Bachelor in Arts (Theatre & Dance)

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