Jenni Wegener



Jenni Wegener

Practice Name     

J Wegener & Associates

Location of Practice   

Kensington & inner city. Suburban & Regional by negotiation, SKYPE

Contact Details

0413 889 558 or

Description of Practice

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples; Individual & Relationship Counselling; Professional supervision; Education in pastoral care & supervision; group facilitation.

Number of Years in Professional Practice (Psychotherapy)

I began my psychotherapy practice in February 2013.

 Additional Information/Professional Philosophy

Central to my commitment to self-psychology is my belief that when we are given the necessary time to hear the deep and as yet unknown places of our being through the empathy, compassion and acceptance, we are freed to discover and be our authentic selves.  I seek to meet the other as Rumi described – “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” – providing a safe place of discovery, courage, healing and renewal.

I have worked for over 25 years in health care as a chaplain, pastoral counsellor, educator, supervisor and manager and prior to this worked in schools, parish & community settings. In these roles, as well as in my own life, I became increasingly aware of the impact of our shared and yet deeply personal human search for meaning and understanding. As we face the challenges of living authentically in our worlds, the accepting companioning of another who empathically hears what it means to be us, provides a space where liberation from the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that bind us can be discovered.

I have completed a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy and have Specialist Couples Therapy training with Relationships Australia, and numerous professional development programs that enrich my practice.


B.Th. M.A.


EMPATHINK (Aust) and IAPSP  (International Assoc for Psychoanalytic Self-Psychology)

Fellow and Clinical Pastoral Educator: ASPEA Inc. (Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Aust. Inc.)

Training Supervisor: AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision)

Other Information

Areas of experience include; Grief & Loss; Transitions; Anxiety; Depression; Eating disorders; Trauma; Illness & disability; Relationship issues; Marriage Preparation; Existential questions.