Marg Ryan

Meg Ryan


Marg Ryan

Practice Name

Marg Ryan Consulting Services

Location of Practice

South Caulfield

Contact Details

0412 533 590 or

Description of Practice

In my practice I work with individuals and with couples.

My services will be of benefit for you when life becomes too challenging. If this sense of overwhelm occurs, it is really useful to turn to someone who can provide you with a professional relationship of support. I believe that a genuine, empathic relationship between you and I can make a significant difference to you. After all, recent brain research has uncovered that safe and non-judgmental relationships can foster those delicate circuits that shape us and contribute to our feelings of well-being.

 Number of Years in Professional Practice (Psychotherapy)

7 years

Additional Information/Professional Philosophy

Counselling and Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to gain greater clarity of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. It can provide you with an enhanced ability to manage your emotional states. It may also offer you an experience of “being in your body” or developing a greater connection between your mind and your body. This in turn can result in you feeling more integrated, content and clear about what is right for you. You may develop a better relationship with yourself and others. The sessions will be designed around your particular needs and situation.

Some people who come are aware they have suffered some trauma in their past. Through counselling they experience greater appreciation of their history and increased acceptance and ability to manage symptoms related to it.


My qualifications are Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Masters of Organizational Psychology and Clinical Diploma of Somatic Psychotherapy. I have also completed a specialist course in couple therapy at Relationships Australia and an internship at Relationships Australia. MASPA (Clinical), PACFA Reg.

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