Sally McMahon

Sally 2017 for Self-Psych


Sally McMahon

Contact Details

0418 301930 or

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Description of Practice

Intensive psychotherapy; short term counselling;
relationship counselling; and clinical supervision

Number of Years of Professional Practice (Psychotherapy)

Over 20 years

Professional Philosophy/Information

Emotions give our life the intensity and vitality and richness that creates meaning for us. They also form our primary motivational system, and are critical to our wellbeing. However, when unbalanced or lacking, are often the reason for our unhappiness.

If we can understand the assumptions and underlying beliefs that we bring to our view of our self, our relationships, work aspirations, notions of success and health I believe that we create the possibility for different choices about our lives. We all have underlying beliefs and characteristic ways of seeing the world. And have developed ingrained patterns of feeling about the world. Generally these operate outside of our awareness, yet determine our views of ourselves and others. Once we can bring these into our awareness, and the thoughts and feelings that have kept them in place explored, I find that we are freed up to experience the world and our self in it differently.

I provide a safe empathic relational space for us together to explore your self, your experiences of your world, and the many layered meanings this entails.

Over the last 25 years I have worked in public mental health settings and private practice, treating individuals with a range of psychological and emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, complex trauma and mood disorders.


My initial  training was in social work in the early eighties. I have been specialising in self psychology since my somatic psychotherapy training in the nineties. I have also trained with Relationships Australia in couples therapy.

Bacholor of Behavioural Science;Bachelor of Social Work; Diploma of Somatic Psychotherapy; Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Memberships: Australian Association of Social Work; International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology